Vejo Blender Review: Can this be the Solution?

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Vejo complete honest review

Vejo Starter Pack with Blender Review: Can this be the Solution?

We all have experienced the difficulties when we crave for a delicious shake. We want to make it as creative as possible! So, you know what comes after! They go to the market, buy some fruits, chop them into a noisy blender, and add a drink. At this point, you should pray to God! Please, be useful, please be OK! And then you get disappointed because it’s either too sweet and thick or tasteless and watery! You might come up with the right combination after wasting your time, money, and energy!

If you are tired of old-fashioned Smoothies or Shakes and want to try something creative, help yourself with whatever Vejo has recently offered. Don’t know what Vejo is? I’m here to explain.  The world is transforming so quickly that you shouldn’t even think of missing one second!

So, it’s not like those days you could have patiently make something delicious! Cut the crap! Let’s dig into the Vejo’s world.

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Out of the box

Out of the box

Let’s take a look at the packaging, which is very trendy and fashionable. The first time I received the package, it was as if I’m opening MacBook! I was impressed by their effort to make the entire experience very satisfactory.

In particular, packaging, the presentation, and the display were fantastic. The whole package contains a container equipped with an electric-powered blade at the bottom, eight pods in an exquisite box with different flavors, a guideline small-book, and a charger.

Brilliant design



So, I’m going to unbox Vejo and give you some details hypothetically. Vejo is a mobile blender, meaning you can have it with you all the time. Let’s concentrate now. There are four packages, in which all the equipment and pods are kept safe.

The biggest package has two more boxes in it. What are those? In one box, many pods are containing freeze-dried fruit like mixed berry, banana almond, tropical, tart berry, vanilla bean, and so on…wow!

OK, what’s next? The blender itself is next! Most people usually feel like the blender is high-quality. It comes with different colors, so you would think of matching it even with your orange bikini when you go swimming!

At the top of the lid part, a LED light is concealed with a black dot—the LED acts as an indicator of different statuses, like charging or blending state.

In the lid, there is a container in which your pod must be inserted in, and then there are fine lines inside the blender itself, which shows you how much water would be enough as well as a blade at the bottom responsible for blending your drink.

The lid is easily screwed and unscrewed at the top so that no liquid leaks from the container. There is metal underneath the cap that lets the blender knows that the cover is appropriately screwed-in.

Amazingly, the lid is equipped with a camera attached to the top of it. It seems like an alien’s coffee cup! It’s as if your professional Nikon camera could play the music while you are taking some pictures! Check out these images so you could understand what I mean by metal contacts and camera.

Best Use of Your Money

In use

So, now let see how Vejo works. Just like your cell phone, you need to charge your Vejo. When you unbox the whole package, there is a charger.

You just have to plug the device and wit for the LED light to change from charging status to full-charge status. Don’t worry; there is a manual within the package that told you what each LED color means. Something like this:

OK, after your Vejo is in full-charge status, it’s time to make your smoothie. First, we fill the blender to the top with water. Next is peeling the lid off from your favorite pod. You then need to place it at the top of the blender.

Finally, twist the lid, and then the device would make sure it’s fully sealed. At this moment, it starts automatically and blends the liquid inside. It roughly takes 30 seconds. When it’s done, you open the lid, take out the empty pod and start enjoying your favorite Vejo-made smoothie.Smoothie and delicious

And let me tell you about when it’s blending! It’s as quiet and sounds as when your cellphone is on vibrate mode! You need to focus so hard to hear blending noise! No shaking is involved, just like a professional washing machine!

Just Like Silent night

Be careful to put the pot facing downward and then make sure you have screwed the lid enough. When you keep screwing, you’re going to hear a click! And at this point, the device is blending automatically!

The light on the top starts blinking at this point and stops 30 seconds later! You can open the lid now and enjoy your drink every little detail of the Vejo blender and pods has exceeded my expectations.



As you might expect from such a high-tech device, no usual mess is involved through blending! The lid is not going to be dirty at all! Be careful. You should not wash the cap because of the camera inside.

Instead, it would be adorable to wipe it to make sure no residue is involved. You can quickly put the container in the dishwasher but not the lid.

I’ve always been a massive advocate of biodegradable products since I don’t want to disturb the planet earth and ruin every animal’s life just because I intend to enjoy a drink! It was kind enough to produce a biodegradable product, but there is some other good news! Very soon, water-soluble products are on the way to make it even more eco-friendly.


Battery Life

“Battery lifespan,” as you may know, is the amount of time your battery lasts until it needs to be replaced. According to the guidelines, you can use it for up to 30 times! Charging is also very fruitful since it can happen wirelessly! Also, you can check the battery status in the respective app and charge it accordingly. My experience says that after two uses, according to the app, the battery was at 94%.


Premium Product, Premium price

I know…I know…it’s expensive, right? There is a saying, “a big head has a big ache!” You can consider the price as the only weakness in the product.

Some people don’t call it a gap, though! The whole kit, including all parts, is $130. You should also consider the price of each pod, which is from 2.5 to $4.

As I mentioned, it is not the cheapest blender in the marker. Considering health consideration, novelty, technological advancement, and ease of use in Vejo, I guess the price is reasonable.

Time to Vote

Pros & Cons


  • Portable: it is applicable in all places like public transportation, sports arenas, workplace, etc.
  • Premium product: This is a high-quality product and equipped with cutting-edge technologies. The design is also out of this world!
  • Custom App: Download the Vejo App for tracking, reminder, pod blend info, and easy re-ordering.
  • Flavors: Vejo currently has over 20 flavors. From coffee and chocolate lovers to fruity and citrus blends. More flavors are on the way!
  • Sustainable: you are not going to experience eco-guilt since it’s 100% biodegradable and doesn’t harm nature. It’s going to be even better since there are some ideas to make the pods dissolvable in the water!
  • 10% discount on everything with an email sign up.


To be honest, no downside except for the price! No country for an old and cheap blender! Right?


Wrapping up

It would be ridiculous if you are waiting for me to conclude for you! I’m not trying to sell any ideas but as far as technology is concerned Vejo is number one without a doubt! My impression is that although the technique is flawless, it amazingly doesn’t sacrifice other features for the sake of appearing a techy-techy device!

Vejo gives you the ultimate pleasure of drinking a delicious smoothie without all those difficulties associated with not very fashionable blenders! The design is very appealing and elegant in different colors for every taste! The pods also contain very healthy and nutritious freeze-dried fruit! Now you have all the information at your fingertips to make an informed decision? Vejo is available online! Currently, there is a 10% off for email sign up  Or subscription! Buy and experience the sensational Vejo!


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6 thoughts on “Vejo Blender Review: Can this be the Solution?

  1. What not to like on the vejo blender when it’s highly practical and eco friendly! I’m totally sold on the idea of the highly functional and portable vejo blender. Thank you for this great review. I enjoyed the read and especially liked looking at pros which are so many and con is none apart from the price, which is obviously you get what you pay for.

    Thanks again

    1. Hi Habib,
      Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave a comment.
      Absolutely, this is the feature especially now that we live in a fast pace world. Adapt or die. This innovation is giving us a fighting chance.


  2. I love the vejo starter kit, especially the blender. It is so cool and tempting that I am considering purchasing one just to have the blender, which I am sure I can use for other staff as well, such as ice coffee.

    1. Hi Kyriakos,
      Yeah, very kool. Same expression I had when I first saw it. It definitely worth every penny for the benefits it can provide. Let me know if you decided to get one.


  3. Wow this literally blew my mind. I had seen the portable smoothie blender but this was something that I have never thought of. Thank you for the new insight. Do they ship the product worldwide or only in the US?

    1. Hi Delyana,
      Absolutely, it’s a mind blowing especially for people like me that like to be on the go ready and can only keep up with my fruits and vegetables when blended.
      Thanks for visiting my post.


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