do collagen supplements really work?

Collagen rejuvenate your skin

Collagen Peptides Travel Packs Review

You need more Collagen! I’m positive you have heard it so many times! It seems this statement has become a slogan for cosmetic industries! It’s becoming a top-rated product, especially in the West. It is among the key ingredients of almost all beauty products produced by various brands.

Scientific studies have clearly shown Collagen has a role as an anti-aging factor in our body.
So, no need to say how valuable and accessible this compound is getting recently. It seems Collagen is the holy grail of beauty and immortality since it has been considered as one of the most influential compounds in preventing wrinkles.

Ironically, eradicating wrinkles from your body has dragged Collagen into a 200 billion dollar industry!
Collagen comes in incredibly different forms. You can truly apply it to your skin, have it with your food, or even drink it! Yep, that’s what I’m talking about!

Let’s dig in! What exactly Collagen is? And more importantly, for the public, do collagen supplements really work?

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Collagen peptides

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What is Collagen? Body glue, basically

According to, Collagen is one of the most essential nutrients needed to ensure the health and vitality of your hair, skin, tendon, cartilage, bones, and joints. So, basically acts like a glue that sticks different parts together. And what are peptides?

In a sense, peptides are short chains of amino acids, So it’s basically a very short structural protein.
Why are collagen peptides so crucial in the aging process? First of all, Collagen peptides basically enhance skin elasticity. It also facilitates your body to protect and repair your skin when it’s needed.

Also, the more Collagen your body has access to, the more new Collagen will be produced. The reverse starts happening when you get old, and wrinkles begin to appear!
And this is when Collagen peptides provided by Collagen treatments, supplements, and drinks will help fight back and tries to compensate for our old age.

Employing Collagen peptides is, of course, more natural alternatives to synthetic anti-aging chemicals with God knows how many side effects!Side effects of Collagen peptides


The difference between Collagen and gelatin! No, precisely the same product

As we mentioned earlier, Collagen is one of the most essential proteins in connective tissue, skin, and bones.

It is interesting to know that it constitutes up to 35% of the whole-body protein content. A minor condition such as skin wrinkles to more serious ones like osteoporosis is the result of a lack of Collagen.

On the other hand, gelatin is basically is baked Collagen. So far, so good! But don’t mix up gelatin and collagen hydrolysate since the latter has been produced by more intensive processing. As it’s clear, gelatin is digested better due to Collagen protein breaking down by similar processes.

It terms of health issues, Collagen, as mentioned above, can stop aging and prevents the emergence of wrinkles. At the same time, gelatin regulates gut hormones in people who suffer from obesity. Also, gelatin makes food more delicious and has some great culinary uses. The bottom line is that Gelatin and Collagen are both very easy to go to your diet.


What do collagen peptides really do?

Collagen comes with several compelling and convincing benefits for your beauty and health! But Hey, Let’s no to be unrealistic about it and not reading it too far! You might miss the fine line between the real advantages and pure exaggeration!
So, these are some claims that need to be ignored.

Let’s review the real stuff first. Well, it is an efficient source of protein. One scoop of peptide powder usually contains 10 grams of protein and 40 calories, not excellent but a fair amount. Collagen works with its buddy, named elastin, which keeps your skin elastic, dewy, and fresh enough to feel good about your appearance.

As Dr. Whitney Bowe says, it’s ropes of protein in the skin! Such a beautiful phrase! Collagen is also believed to be a strong supporter of your bones and joints. One crucial point, though, if you are one of those strict vegetarians, you should be utterly vigilant since Collagen since it is usually an animal product!

Collagen benefits

What might Collagen do?

OK, no idea is so straightforward these days. I had a professor at University once. He always used to tell us to be aware of one hand clapping, meaning not to conclude hastily and irrationally. There are ideas as well as their antagonistic ones on the advantages and disadvantages of Collagen. Let’s review some.
Are you suffering from minor illnesses like brittle or split nails? If so, there is some evidence showing that Collagen supplements may boost nail growth and appearance and make it longer and more durable. A 2019 review recommends Collagen and vitamin E strengthen human nails and prevent abnormality in your nails.
Besides, a study conducted in Germany and Brazil concluded that consuming Collagen supplements for 24 consecutive weeks causes a 12 percent increase in nail growth. A significant decline by 42 percent was also observed in the number of broken nails. From a scientific perspective, not all these studies pass criteria to confirm their reliability and authenticity.
So, don’t read your understanding too far since you might miss something, just ask an expert! There is nothing wrong with asking something you don’t know.

Collagen for healthy skin

What did Collagen do for me?

I’m not going to be pessimistic about it, but taking Collagen didn’t help me. In fact, it didn’t change anything as well. I consumed Collagen for a month every Moring by adding it to my smoothie.

Unfortunately, everything remained calm and quiet! No skin transformation, No stronger and longer, and healthier nails! Did I feel younger? Definitely not!

So, you might be wondering what the “H” is going on! You might say thanks to God for the fact that it didn’t kill you, and there weren’t any side effects. It would be nice to check collagen consumption with an expert! They definitely know something you don’t know. Collagen can be consumed in many different ways, so it wouldn’t hurt consulting, right?


Conclusion – Will I still take collagen supplements?

Although I usually don’t get a lot of protein, I wouldn’t mind adding collagen supplements into my smoothie since no weird texture or flavor is achieved. There is a growing number of evidence pointing to Collagen efficiency, even though more investigations are required to conclude exclusively.

Maybe it’s just a matter of patience! You will not miraculously change your body, not even with plastic surgery, let alone collagen peptides! You might be able to get benefit from it by being consistent and constant.
The bottom line is that Collagen is worth trying!

Thanks for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or comments, please leave it below. Don’t forget to come back and check our next review.

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6 thoughts on “do collagen supplements really work?

  1. Hi, I think collagen is a good substance and our body needs it. Yet by the way it’s marketed I always felt an aversion towards it. Why would I want to loose my well deserved wrinkles? What is wrong with wrinkles anyway? I guess I feel about the same as what I sense in your article 🙂
    Thanks for the information!

    1. Hi Hannie,
      Very interesting question you ask “why you want to lose your wrinkles?” I really can’t make you change your mind but I can tell you that the key reason that many products are available today is because of every question the billions of people living on this earth are asking.
      As a medical doctor, I had seen the number of the female population who use the “Botox” injection to get rid of wrinkles increase. Other cases are the Anti-aging or anti-wrinkle creams you see on the shelf of every major retail store.
      If these products are not effective, I don’t think the industry will continue to be in existence.
      I hope this kind of gives you a different perspective.


  2. Benson,

    Great information! I’ve never taken collagen before, but I will say that if you eat a bunch of Jello, it will help your nails grow longer and thicker. The gelatin in Jello is amazing in how it helps with the growth of those two areas.

    Maybe test that out and see what happens….

    Awesome information, thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Katrina,
      This is the beauty of health. There is never only one way to achieve the majority of health results. Thanks for sharing, absolutely I will love to give it a try but be more concern about the high-sugar content.
      Thanks for sharing your thought.


  3. I never thought that collagen and gelatin are the same, but it makes sense that they are, doesn’t it? 😉
    I do not consume any collagen or gelatin, but I obtain protein from other sources. This was a very interesting, and educational read. I learned something new today 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Christine,
      Obtaining protein through food is always the best and first choice but at a certain age or when people suffering from health issues that either decrease their breakdown or absolution of certain nutrients, the need to supplement becomes necessary. For example, I never used to take vitamin C supplements but recently, I had to rely on them because no matter how much I eat right, I still experience gum bleeding.
      You’re welcome.


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