Apple Watch SE series 6

Apple Watch is one of the most unique and products of Apple Company, which is a uniquely smart and wearable gadget that can be connected directly to the Apple phone and everything that happens on the phone on a small screen. For example, this smart gadget is so advanced that you can use images, Google Maps, direct control of the song playing on the phone, etc., which is really useful.

However, since the introduction of the first Apple Watch in 2016, 5 series has been unveiled so far; in each series, various features and capabilities have been added to Apple’s smartwatch, which has improved these wearable gadget days. It has a lot of fans.

But suppose you want to get acquainted with the Apple watches and the price and specifications of the 6 Series, in the continuation of this report. In that case, you can get acquainted with the Apple Watch SE series 6. be with us.

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Learn about the 4 new features of the Apple Watch 6 Series

The Apple Watch 6 Series is not significantly different from the previous series in its design. Still, it has new sensors and software capabilities that can differentiate it from other models. In the following, we will take a detail look at 4 new features in this watch:

  • Rounder edges of the rectangular body:

All-new Apple Watch models will have a rectangular body but with rounded edges. This means that the sixth-generation Apple Watch will not be much different from the first version of the Apple Watch. It seems that Apple engineers are particularly interested in this rectangular appearance.

  • End of support for older models:

Apple is continuously trying to get new updates to its operating system for more devices. But sometimes, this is not possible because of hardware limitations as well as device performance issues.

  • Mode of use in water:

Apple has used a new display technology in the construction of the Apple Watch Series 6. The user can use this watch even underwater.

Health and Fitness Features of the Apple Watch 6  Series  

Also, the watch’s body is more resistant to water penetration than previous models, and users can safely use this watch during sports such as snowboarding, water skiing and similar activities.

  • Mental health monitoring capability:

Apple Watch Series 6 is equipped with mental health monitoring capabilities. A new feature that will be included along with the ability to track physical health. Accordingly, the new generation Apple Watch is able to measure the user’s stress level, as well as his anxiety and fear. Depending on the individual’s condition, it provides instructions on how to breathe as well as activities related to reducing stress.

    • fitness:

    Apple Watch, like other smart watches on the market, has the ability to check a person’s health through the sensors on the watch, It can measure the number of actions performed, the amount of calories burned, heart rate, etc …

    Other Cool Features of the Apple Watch 6 Series

    • Equipped with Touch ID:

    One of the features most Apple Watch users have been waiting for a long time to add to this watch is Touch ID.

    Apple Watch has many different features that can minimize the need for your phone. So here are some important benefits of the Apple Watch:

    • Call and SMS:

    The Apple Watches have a microphone and speaker that you can use to answer calls in speaker mode, or even after connecting the phone to the Apple Watch, you can view your audience on the Apple Watch and then proceed to Call. This is also the case in SMS, but it does not have a keyboard, and you should use Weiss, which converts speech to text and other embedded features.

    Apple had revolutionize shopping with this version

    • App Store on your wrist:

     In the new coming version of the Watch OS, Apple has created a unique App Store where you can download any app on your Apple Watch SE series 6 and use it directly.

    • Notes in audio format:

    On the Apple Watch, you can record and save any note you want using the watch’s microphone.

    • Shopping with Apple Watch:

    Another feature of the Apple Watch is the Apple Pay option, in which you can use this feature to register your bank account details and make a purchase by approaching the POS device, which unfortunately   this feature still has not been created in all countries and is expected to become a global process in the next few years.

    This feature will be available not only on Apple but also on other smartwatches.

    • Apple Watch Calculator:

    If you spend a lot of time during the day, do not worry! Another feature of the Apple Watch is the versatile calculator at its heart, through which you can perform simple and complex calculations.

    Why is the Apple Watch expensive? This is a question that has enveloped the minds of many users of Apple products. Apple started with the production of expensive products. Now we see an increase in the price of this company’s products every year.

    In a way, the high price of these products always makes the minds of users think. Certainly, there must be logical reasons for this price difference. Here are some of the reasons:

    What about the after sales service and customer respect?

    • After sales service and customer respect:

    One of the main features of Apple brand products is their excellent after-sales service.

    • Clever advertising:

    Today, no one can deny the essential role of advertising in the sale of various brands. In fact, with the right and creative advertising, users can draw attention to the desired product.

    What are the Special operating system?

      Apple products support iOS. IOS is Apple’s proprietary operating system, and none of the other brands use this technology in their smartphones and tablets.

      Despite the positive features mentioned for the Apple Watch, the disadvantages of the Apple Watch are as follows:

      • Learning OS’s on the Apple Watch is a little cleverly designed, and apps may flake as they work.
      • Dragging the app to view, open the app, or scroll through the emoticons seems a bit slow.
      • The heart rate monitor sometimes sends the wrong pulse.
      • The price of the watch is defined according to the standard of luxury watches and is a little far from electronics.
      • When it does not set with the phone, trying again seems difficult!
      • Apps owned by software partners are not like Apple’s own apps!
      • Carry another charger along with the many chargers you have!


      The Apple Watch is the most efficient, exciting and attractive gadget you can use with your iPhone. In addition to being a modern gadget for faster and easier review of messages and receiving and controlling notifications and calls, the Apple Watch 6 will be a companion to all your sports activities.

      All in all, if you are an iPhone user and you want to choose a wearable gadget, the Apple Watch 6 with underwater usability, optimal charging along with the various hardware and software features mentioned, is what you want with the sweet taste of using technology in everyday life.

      As you can see, in this article we have mentioned some important points about the Apple Watch that you should keep in mind. Of course, if we want to mention all the features and capabilities of this gadget, we will be required to prepare an article several times the size of this article. So do not forget that we only mentioned some important points related to this gadget.

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      If you’re are interested in having your own Apple Watch Series 6, you can check it on Amazon today.

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